We dye 11 yarn bases, offering beautiful colour in weights from Lace through to Chunky. 
 The ranges are described below, click on the range name for more information and to buy through our secure Etsy shop:


       Southwold Lace BFL



       Framlingham Lace BFL/Silk 







 Additional information on our yarn 


We offer Alpaca yarns in two weights; lace and 4-ply. Alpaca has a softness of handle and the colours it takes are truly special. These yarns have lovely drape and so are great for lacework and fine knitting.


Alpaca is hypoallergic as it does not contain lanolin. Many people who cannot tolerate wool can wear alpaca. It is a fibre with great insulating qualities as it has a hollow core, so it is both warm and light to wear. Alpaca can be as soft as cashmere, but is more durable as it has a longer staple. 


The fibre in our yarns is from baby alpacas, raised in Peru and spun in Yorkshire.


Blue faced leicester

We're proud to say that all of our Blue Faced Leicester yarn is 100% raised and processed in Britain. We offer BFL yarn in three weights; lace, DK and aran.

This yarn is a joy to dye and to knit with and you’ll relish the quality of the colours that we produce using BFL. The softness and lustre of the yarns bring the yarn to life and result in truly luxurious product that will be a treat to use and to wear. We really hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!



We offer this in 4 ply, in case there are some mums out there who want baby clothes that don’t need to go in the washing machine!

This is one of the finest wool yarns available and is 100% sustainable, traceable, Australian Merino, from one of our suppliers in Yorkshire.

With a micron count of 19.5, this yarn is extremely fine, 5 times finer than a human hair. This Merino wool feels exceptionally soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin.


Alpaca/Blue Faced Leicester

70% Alpaca, 30% Blue Faced Leicester, 100% British.

We are passionate about supporting British farmers and producers and are delighted to offer this yarn which is made from animals raised in the UK and entirely processed in Britain. We offer this in two weights; 4 –ply and double knit. This yarn really is superb; it is supremely soft and is luxurious both to knit and to wear.

At present, we only offer this yarn in neutral colours, but will be bringing some exciting ranges in natural dyed colours in the next few months….watch this space.  In the meantime, consider combining some of the neutrals with the natural dyed yarns from the alpaca or BFL ranges – as you’ll see from our pictures, they really do complement each other beautifully!